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Tethered Drone System

AutoTrack Tensioning Walkera PowerLine tethered drone ,system was designed  to perform duties in television news ,sports, first responders, surveillance, border patrol, military, and homeland security.

The design has been built in conjunction with a worldwide  accepted drone platforms of Walkera (Voyager  4 , QL-1200, Vitus, Voyager 5 )

The PowerLine Tethered System mounts directly to the drones without permanent airframe modification.

PowerLine Power supply ground station provides power through the ultralight-tether to drone for unlimited flight time,

The ultralight onboard power provides unlimited, reliable and redundant power to the drone Designed to run 24/7.


The PowerLine system will meet your schedule without watching the clock for battery swaps.

Allows for consistent temperature on all motors.

Ambar Group PowerLine Auto-Tensioning - Tethered Drone System

By NTP PowerLine

Walkera By: Ambar Group

Walkera By: Ambar Group

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