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The Ambar Group was established to provide turnkey solutions for varied and specialized drone applications.  We have developed the latest technological innovations which provide our clients with enhanced technological solutions for existing and future Drone applications.


Ambar Group has tailored its Drone vehicles and software to provide the latest technical solutions for the Professional Aerial Photography field directly focusing on both  the Civilian (i.e. Agriculture/Civil Engineering) and Military/Policing sectors.


Ambar Group in joint cooperation with Walkera Technology Co. Ltd  has released with wide acclaim and market success  our new LTE Drones Series coupled with our proprietary LTE Drone Management Software.


Currently Ambar Group's clients  range from governments utilizing our products in Military, Police and Fire applications, to Agricultural, Civil Engineering and Geomatics (Survey Engineering).


The special purpose built AgroVoyager Drone is specifically engineered to meet the needs of the Agricultural sector with an emphasis on Professional Aerial Photography.


Ambar Group superior in its products, support and people which combined result in our outstanding technical innovation and real world solutions.


Our customers have our 24/7 commitment to uncompromising service and support anytime, anywhere.

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Mrs. Rachel Ambar

Co-founder & V.P Marketing

Prior to her current position, Mrs. Rachel  Ambar was 

COO  and Business Development V.P. for an industry leading  technological company. 

As part of her position, she managed processes with various manufacturers, and was responsible for marketing and advertising. 

She was instrumental in developing new business opportunities locally and internationally. 

She is  married and mother of two children. 

Mrs. Ambar  holds a BA in from the University of Derby and an MBA from the Center for Academic Studies

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Major (R) Itshak Omer

Co-founder & CTO 

Former Air Force officer  with 35 years of expertise in UAV development

(emphasis on former military operational applications).  Former CEO of Inspiair - Wireless LTD. 

A company that specializes in development of Wireless solutions, i.e. Campus and Municipal wide networks. 

Mr. Omer  is a world class innovator in the Drone field his career began as a Drone Pilot during the 1980's when much of the technology was covered in secrecy due to its military classification.  Today Mr. Omer is immersed with various stakeholders ensuring the latest technology and software is representative in the Ambar Group product line. 

Mr. Omer is married and has two sons.

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Col.(R) Amos Harush

Co-founder & Security Division Director

Mr. Harush served in the IDF for 28 years in operational technological positions.

In his last term he served as a communications officer and in many techno-operational positions And was discharged with the rank of colonel. 

He currently serves as CEO of GCC Group Mr. Harush holds a BA in International Relations and the Middle East MA in Systems Management and Security Systems Management from the National Security College.

Mr. Harush is married and has two children.

Our Partners

GCC Team was established by Ex Military Team, graduates of technological units with a rich and unique background in large and complex projects in Israel and abroad, and has set itself the goal of promoting innovative solutions in large  organizations and switching from classical ICT to advanced and breakthrough technologies.

* Solutions and services in the field of communications and software (web and mobile)
* Advanced data center solutions DCIM (characterization of construction planning)
* Business continuity solution - Disaster Recovery
* DATA WIRELESS - for the security and civilian sectors
* CLOUD solutions and modernization


Charles Spoto , the owner of NTP, is the owner of a world class satellite uplink truck company providing remote satellite transmission for ESPN, FOX Sports, ABC, CBS and NBC and events like the Super Bowl.

Mr. Spoto has extensive experience building and testing model jet turbines.

The jet turbines used are the same type used in military drones around the globe. With this level of expertise, Spoto and his team have designed the PowerLine tethered drone system to perform duties in television news, sports, first responders, surveillance, border patrol, military, and homeland security.

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