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4G LTE Command & Control System

Ambar Group is proud to present a software that allows unlimited options for the end user.

The software provides simultaneous real time feedback   from up to12 drones and helps the

commander in charge  build a multi layer system,

This system is presented in a clear way based on

the GIS tool , thus enabling operators to view

and control ongoing situation  this  new state of

the art solution takes identification and

management to the next level.

Full LTE Based Drones (Bidirectional):

  • Allows Communication Without Distance Limitations.

  • LTE - HD Real Time Video Transmission.

  • LTE - Real Time Voice Command.

  • LTE - Full Flying Control On Drone (2.4Ghz Backup Control Transmission).


Multi-Function Ground Station Interphase:

  • Support & Present 12 Sources of Information Simultaneously.

  • Based On Google Maps (or Customized )

  • Real-Time Site Position.

  • Saving Images/Video Locally and/or Cloud Server.

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